He gave the poor woman some bread and a five dollar bill besides.

I'm sure you would do the same for me.

I knew Herve was married.

You've gotten hitched?

They're our leaders.

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I'll stay with Larry until you return.

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I'm afraid it's not that simple.


To make matters worse, his wife fell ill.

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We just need a little time.

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Ahmed has waited long enough.


Morgan fixed the leaky faucet.

Root isn't giving up.

Did you hear how quickly he speaks?

Bring your wife.

He does not wear a hat.

She jumped for joy.

I prefer to be hanged rather than being shot.

You can't just pretend that nothing happened.

The new students entered the hall full of hope.

I'm thinking about leaving.

I escaped from the sinking boat with difficulty.

Gerald was a bit surprised by what Blaine told him.

What a nightmare!


I had no idea Brendan was a doctor.


I'm trying to reach her.

Is it the best thing they did?

What was supposed to happen?

If you find an interesting book, please buy it for me.

You're welcome to sleep here if you want.


Many hundreds of lives could be saved each year if all cars were fitted with driver wakefulness monitors.

Edmond's body has been cremated.

This essay is my own.

Dr. Pepperberg and her colleagues have found that Alex, an African grey parrot, can count up to 8.

I'm wanted by the police.

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He was broken by the failure of his business.

What's the temperature now?

I was amazed at his courage.

They don't want the truth.

That's exactly how it happened three years ago.


Let us do our job.

Miriamne climbed the tree in our front yard.

The orbit around Sirius is elliptical.

Father gave up cigarettes.

Does that really happen?


He fears for his life.

Keep reading.

It is kind of you to say so.

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My husband comes home at about eight.

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In fact, the opposite is more likely to occur.

Experts have failed to come up with an explanation of why the explosion happened.

Which one is better: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10?

The course will be continued at nine.

The teacher caught the student sleeping in class.

It was claimed that climate change would create great difficulties in the area.

The Congress had no money.


I like to play music written by my friends.


Mahmoud stayed here once.

Please don't listen to her.

Give us everything you have.

Vladimir said he was the one who was driving the car.

He is suffering from a mental illness that can lead to insomnia, depression, anxiety, inability to concentrate, loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, high blood pressure, and bouts of uncontrolled aggression. This is a form of psychosis which is generally known in common parlance as "love."

Niels drives a truck and his wife drives a station wagon.

I never do anything without asking Glenn first.

Pamela did his best to persuade Phil to join the team.

Don't you think this is ridiculous?

The boat was very crowded.

We're so ready for something new.

There was an eerie silence.

What do you say we head over to Urs's house?

These are my books; those are his.

Cary has no answer.

Why do physicists converge? Because they're monotonous and narrow.

She edited an article.

Do you think I'm shallow?

These photos have been shopped.

This assignment presents many difficulties.

Thank her for the help.

I don't know who wrote it.

I'll meet with Barbra tonight.

I said good night to my parents and went to bed.

I always order pizza over the Internet, which is quite convenient.


If they are as enthusiastic as shy, I don't find it difficult to believe that they are the most enthusiastic people in the world.

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He snored loudly during his sleep.

I think that you should come and stay at my place.

You're not alone.


We'll go jogging in the park.

Both the boys shouted out.

I just don't like it.

Moe isn't one of our regular employees.

It would be madness to climb that mountain in winter.

Do you want to Romanize your language? Maybe, you should.

It's thanks to you.

Lester was very grateful.

I'm going to make some coffee. Would you like some, too?

Apple seeds are poisonous, but are only dangerous to health when consumed in large quantities.

Do you know how?


She means more than my life to me.

Three deputies were shot.

That's very interesting.

You should give Srikanth some space.

Everyone marvelled at her courage.

You're going to love Boston.

"Jong, it's said you've lost your hearing aid." "Nope! I don't like Mexican food."

The bus has a ten-minute delay.

This seat, it's real leather, isn't it? It would be a disaster if some slip-up gets it dirtied.

The player won the championship three times in a row.

The battery of my cellphone doesn't function anymore.

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Cliff and I both stood up at once.


Don't promise anything.

I can't ever do anything to please Sandip.

Been there, done that.

We're waiting for them to leave.

I'm saying this out of kindness.

My plan is to get out of here and think of a better plan.

I know that she has always been loved by him.

Have you thought about what time of year you want to take a cruise?

I just want you to listen to me.

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I never said it was going to be easy.

Could I borrow your notes?

We were ready for them.

Don't anybody leave this room.

You didn't tell them what they wrote in that blog.

Pilot looked very young.

Could you pass me the remote?

What is the difference between a pigeon?

Billy was feeling tired.

I never knew swimming could be this much fun.

Many immigrants to Britain have come from Asia.

Giovanni really made you happy, didn't he?

Maybe we should sit together.

In other words, be very careful.

His business resulted in heavy losses.

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Frederic will be a good husband.

At first he was all at sea in his new job.

We haven't had any complaints so far.

The meeting was canceled because of the typhoon.

Pascal always tries to help other people.


He appeared from nowhere.

It would be stupid to get rid of all this stuff at this time.

Emmett has never been here.

Theodore doesn't know anyone at our school.

We're going to Denis's birthday party tomorrow, right?


He is not so much a politician as a merchant.

I'm doing the cooking.

I have to do this.

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I couldn't sleep all night.

Aren't you pregnant? Well, stop drinking then!

This story was originally written in French.


She got bored quickly.

Quit going around in circles and get to the point.

Where did Arnold Schwarzenegger come from?


Who benefits?

They're always fighting among themselves.

I'm still haunted by a vivid nightmare I had last night.

Shuvra wants to buy a new smartphone.

Arlene is very childish.

You are responsible for the death of the child.

Roads were overflowing with humanity.


Kate has three times as many records as Jane has.

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What are you trying to do? Drive me insane?

I'll never ever forget you.

You're quite a craftsman.

Eris was named after the goddess of strife. Its moon, Dysnomia, was named after the daughter of Eris.

Kanthan has postponed the party.

I'll send you my bill.

This event was good publicity for the company.

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He is better able to teach than I am.